We Have A Dream


Today the nation takes a time out to honor one of the greatest American Men of all time. He fought for equality and peace, and gave his life to do so. As we take today to show our gratitude for Martin Luther King, Jr's memory, it only seems fitting to take a moment and hear his words again. Join us in watching the "I Have a Dream" … [Read more...]

New Frozen Yogurt and Rocky Mountain Chocolate on the Streets of St. Charles

Frozen Yogurt at U Swirl on the Streets of St. Charles

If you are like me, you love to try new ice cream and frozen yogurt shops. I have loved the emergence of the frozen yogurt shops over the past several years where you can add your own toppings and pile it high. Well, one of my new favorites is U-Swirl on the Streets of St. Charles, just off Highway 70 and South Fifth Street. One thing that makes U-Swirl … [Read more...]

Make your 2015 Resolution a Reality!

Make Your New Year's Resolution a Reality

10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1.. HAPPY NEW YEAR! This year things will be different. This is the year I save money, I lose weight, I get that dream job... the list goes on and on. The year starts with such excitement about all of the good things to come. But lets face it, by February, more often than not, those gym memberships are not being used and your … [Read more...]

Find the Best President’s Day Sales at Mid Rivers Mall

Best President's Day Sales at Mid Rivers Mall

President's Day is on February 16, meaning that shoppers can expect some nice sales to pop up at around the same time. For the best President's Day sales, please consider checking out Mid Rivers Mall. Mid Rivers Mall is one of the best shopping centers in St. Charles County. It boasts four anchor stores; Dillard's, JCPenney, Macy's, and Sears, plus … [Read more...]

Christmas Traditions All Month Long


Historic St. Charles is a great place to spend some time around the holidays. Almost every day there is a new activity going on! With its nostalgic appeal, Main Street will transport you back to when times were simpler and the holidays were all about being with your loved ones. Their holiday tradition features everything from their high energy "Christmas … [Read more...]